Due to constant misunderstanding with my name I feel the need to change my intro. I am hateful, hateful of religion. I hate what religion does to people and that people use it as an excuse to not think. I have spent many years of my life as an Atheist and have learned to handle my emotions, but no other word quite describes how I feel towards religion short of hate. I am outspoken, open minded, and will share my opinion. If you're looking for someone who will always agree with you, that won't be me.
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26th March 2014

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Cocaine-filled condoms addressed to the Vatican are seized by German customs - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk →

Best headline you’ll see all week. There are only about 800 official residents of the Vatican which means that these were going to be picked up by one of those 800 people. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out that the Vatican has dealings with South American drug distribution as well.

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25th October 2013

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23rd October 2013

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They are even more dangerous than bears.

They are even more dangerous than bears.

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15th October 2013

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I like to joke about how stupid the Catholic church is, sometimes reality is better than any joke I could come up with.

I like to joke about how stupid the Catholic church is, sometimes reality is better than any joke I could come up with.

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26th April 2013

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Anonymous Threatens Columbus Diocese over Gay Teacher's Firing →

COLUMBUS — The hacktivist group, Anonymous, is threatening to dig up dirt on members of the Columbus Catholic Diocese if a fired gay teacher is not allowed to return to her job at Bishop Watterson High School. The group released a video Friday in support of former phys-ed teacher Carla Hale, who was fired from Bishop Watterson after referring to her partner as her spouse in a published obituary. The Anonymous video includes the group’s trademark Guy Fawkes mask, along with a computer-generated voice that threatens to find “skeletons in the closets” of members of the Diocese if Hale is not reinstated. The video’s release comes after dozens of students gathered outside the Diocese’s Downtown office on Friday morning to protest Hale’s firing.

Read More at: http://abc6onyourside.com/shared/news/features/featured/stories/wsyx_anonymous-threatens-columbus-diocese-over-gay-teachers-firing-1159.shtml

This has been a big topic of discussion around here as of late. I have been following the story and it is amazing just how many people in central Ohio are willing to openly make bigoted statements in public about a woman who did a great job as a teacher for so many years. I’m quite sure that if “Anonymous” does have to start digging up skeletons it won’t be so hard. Catholics have more skeletons in their closets than Superman has capes.

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18th March 2013

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I’ve honestly been too busy to do much research on what the new Popester is all about, but this picture is too perfect to pass up.

I’ve honestly been too busy to do much research on what the new Popester is all about, but this picture is too perfect to pass up.

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16th February 2013

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Pope Evades Criminal Charges by Hiding in Vatican →

This is pretty infuriating. I can’t imagine there are many Catholics out there that don’t feel completely ashamed of the Vatican. Excerpt below:

Feb. 16, 2013  Late breaking news on the real reason why Pope Benedict XVI quit the job as Pope is centered around the fact that he was going to be charged for crimes against humanity by shielding pedophile priests in the RC church.

A statement given to Reuters reveals that the Church has decided to grant Joseph Ratzinger immunity against any and all charges involving his protection of known sex offenders.

As a high ranking member of the Catholic Church, Ratzinger knew priests who habitually were reported as sex offenders with children and shipped them to other parishes where they continued raping children.

Even after becoming a Pope as well he protected priests by denying criminal charges. 

When he was an archbishop, J. Ratzinger knowingly and willingly protected the criminal priests and thereby avoiding legal and lawful charges against them. Now the church is willfully breaking the law by giving him sanctuary against the law.

In a statement to the press today, the Vatican announced that:

It will give Joseph Ratzinger, formerly Pope Benedict XVI a permanent residency in the Vatican, which gives him legal immunity to any charges against him.

The entire world is wondering why a Pope would consider such drastic action as quitting while still in the papacy, since historically Pope’s usually die in office.

In a report the church officials indicate they are offering Ratzinger legal protection in connection with any charges that he may have protected known sexual abusers in the priesthood around the world.  The Church sources indicates:

“His continued presence in the Vatican is necessary, otherwise he might be defenseless”. By this statement we gather that if Ratzinger steps outside the Vatican perimeter he could be legally arrested and brought to trial for his criminal cover ups. The Roman Catholic Church is basically admitting the former Pope is guilty, they know it and further more they are giving him cover against the authorities.

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14th January 2013

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21st December 2012

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For those of you that don’t know the Pope is on Twitter @Pontifex just like always religion catches on to what everyone already knew about years later.

For those of you that don’t know the Pope is on Twitter @Pontifex just like always religion catches on to what everyone already knew about years later.

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12th December 2012

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France steps up struggle against religious radicals →

PARIS (Reuters) – France will deport foreign-born imams and disband radical faith-based groups, including hardline traditionalist Catholics, if a new surveillance policy signals they suffer a “religious pathology” and could become violent.

A French Islamist shooting spree last March that killed three soldiers and four Jews showed how quickly religiously radicalized people could turn to force, Interior Minister Manuel Valls told a conference on the official policy of secularism.

His warning came two days after President Francois Hollande announced the creation of an agency to track how the separation of church and state is upheld in this traditionally Catholic country with Europe’s largest Muslim and Jewish minorities.

Valls and two other cabinet ministers told the conference on Tuesday evening the Socialist-led government would stress the secularist policy called “laicite” that they said was weakened under the previous conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy. (click the link for the full article)

Personally I’ve been very excited and very happy with the work France has done to push back against religious extremism and fundamentalism. France has done a great deal of work to approach topics and issues that most countries in the world shy away from. France should be commended for the work that it is doing, and it is already starting to show that the way it is approaching religion is being adapted in some ways by other countries such as the Netherlands and Germany.

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