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4th March 2013

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Talking about “G-O-D” with my son

My son asked me the other day rather innocently “Dad, what does G-O-D spell?” I asked him why he wanted to know and he said he saw it on the wall of a room he was in the other day. So I told him it spells “god” and of course received the inevitable follow up question any 5 year old unfamiliar with the subject would ask, “What is god?”

I had to put him on hold for a minute to talk with my girlfriend to see if she was okay with me talking about the subject to him. We basically have the same view point but she sometimes dislikes how anti-religion I can be. I had already known for a while I wanted to try to structure the conversation as neutral as possible. So I told him “Well…there are some people that believe the whole world all around us and all of space was created by one special thing that they call ‘god’.”

He had a perplex look on his face for a moment well he thought over what I said and then got a glimpse of understanding as he asked “You mean, kind of like a fairy?” I couldn’t help but laugh and smile, I told him yeah, kind of like a fairy. I think that’s as good of an explanation as any for now.

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