Due to constant misunderstanding with my name I feel the need to change my intro. I am hateful, hateful of religion. I hate what religion does to people and that people use it as an excuse to not think. I have spent many years of my life as an Atheist and have learned to handle my emotions, but no other word quite describes how I feel towards religion short of hate. I am outspoken, open minded, and will share my opinion. If you're looking for someone who will always agree with you, that won't be me.
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4th March 2013

Question with 13 notes

Anonymous said: My god, would you please explain something to me? It's very simple. We have a statement by the good Reverend Pat Robertson on demons. A world-renown man who's dedicated himself to Christianity, Mr. Robertson has lived considerably longer than you and is an expert at his field. You are a nobody a fraction of his age and quick to dismiss what he says and what countless other people have experienced. This would be like me taking advice from my 4-year old granddaughter. That's perspective.

I assume you’re likely a troll, but let’s pretend for a moment you’re not, what sort of expert would you consider Pat Robertson to be exactly? An expert on saying things that would make even most sociopaths blush? An expert on fleecing geriatrics out of their social security checks? There is no subject of value that Pat Robertson could realistically be considered an expert on at all.

Since when is age a factor of knowledge? If anything it is far more likely that Pat Robertson has actually lost his mental faculties considering his advanced age. He is likely quite dulled at this point in his mental acuity, where by contract I am in the prime of my life. How is this really even a point worth contending? If you’re advancing an argument from authority, I’d like to point you to a simple list of common fallacies.

From the sounds of it you could probably stand to learn quite a lot from your 4 year old granddaughter if you take the time to listen. My son is 5 and the insights and comments he has made at times have surprised me, he may not have a full grasp on the world but simply because he’s young doesn’t make him incapable of insight. Really if you want to take pride in being a fan of Pat Robertson you’re welcome to but realize who you’re joining up with - a man who has no compassion, no morality, no ethics, and no integrity. If that is the type of person you’d like to align yourself with feel free but due us all a favor and don’t leave the safe confined of your nursing home.


  1. intheshadowofyggdrasil said: ~being old makes you right~
  2. visforvoluntary said: To be fair, Pat Robertson seems to be getting less senile with age. I’m speaking, of course, about his embracing of evolution and advocation of marijuana legalization. One step at a time.
  3. stuffinmydick said: Basically, respect your elders! haha
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