Due to constant misunderstanding with my name I feel the need to change my intro. I am hateful, hateful of religion. I hate what religion does to people and that people use it as an excuse to not think. I have spent many years of my life as an Atheist and have learned to handle my emotions, but no other word quite describes how I feel towards religion short of hate. I am outspoken, open minded, and will share my opinion. If you're looking for someone who will always agree with you, that won't be me.
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28th February 2013


Anonymous said: Tell us about Pat Robertson's brilliant statement the other day about demons attaching themselves to Goodwill clothing items. Please also tell us how this brain dead old fart gets front page news coverage, and how many asshole followers of his believe him. I sometimes think that if we lived 50 or more years ago, the general public would be smart enough to laugh at him. Today, guys like us are laughed At for not Believing in the good reverend!

Every time you think that Pat Robertson has said the stupidest statement ever muttered in the history of humanity he takes it as a challenge to try to top himself. For anyone wondering about the story, sadly he really did say it and you can find an article here. Of course his reasoning is based on standard traditional Christian hearsay that he once heard a story about a girl in the Philippines who bought a ring that was tainted by a witch or some sort of garbage. Likely mixing up what he saw in a late night TV show with reality, when someone is so out of touch with the real world what he thinks is fantasy or reality are likely very blurred.

I do still run in to the occasional person (always 60+) that puts stock in what people like Pat Robertson or Billy Graham say, but there are very few of the people left. Thankfully for us most of these people will either die off or be removed from society within the next 10 to 20 years. I don’t mean that in a harsh way, but in a practical way, because people like that should no longer be able to impact a society that they are so out of touch with.

I don’t know necessarily if 50 years ago they would have laughed at him for being so foolish though, there were people saying equally ridiculous and stupid things at that time. Right around 50 years ago there was actually a fairly large revival of interest in the occult and Crowleyism, so it was the perfect time for stories of “witches and demons” to be popular. Chances are we’ll always have someone like old Pat Robertson to say something stupid, we just need to make sure we keep working so there are more people like us who will call him on his bullshit than buy in to it.