Due to constant misunderstanding with my name I feel the need to change my intro. I am hateful, hateful of religion. I hate what religion does to people and that people use it as an excuse to not think. I have spent many years of my life as an Atheist and have learned to handle my emotions, but no other word quite describes how I feel towards religion short of hate. I am outspoken, open minded, and will share my opinion. If you're looking for someone who will always agree with you, that won't be me.
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7th July 2014

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Anonymous said: Please go fuck yourself in the ass with a nice big, fat cactus please do that.

I’m not in the business of doing favors for morons, although I’m sure there is certainly a high demand for it.


2nd July 2014

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Anonymous said: Hey there. How are you? Haven't seen you in a while.

I’ve been keeping myself busy. I had a nice little vacation for about the last week and a half and other than that I’ve been trying to fill my time with things other than the internet. I was long over due for some major unplugging and have been enjoying my time. I will be back at some point as I always am but for now I’ve really been enjoying some time focusing on other things in my life. Being constantly tied to the internet can be extremely exhausting.


9th June 2014

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Anonymous said: Why do you hate religion so much? And is this hate one of the reasons why you are an Atheist? A lot of Atheist claim that their opinions are based on science and facts instead of emotions

Why are people so worried about the fact that I hate religion? How about you show me a genuine reason that I shouldn’t hate religion if you’re so concerned about it. I’ve had countless people argue with me about my tone, about my username, about the fact that I have strong feelings against religion, what is the point? Do my feeling really matter at all towards the discussion of if religion is right or not? Does how I chose to label myself or express myself have anything to do with the validity of religious claims? No, it doesn’t have anything to do with it, so how about you either stop worrying about why I hate religion so much or simply read my page and find out for yourself. If you’re so ignorant to even think for a moment that my reasoning and understanding of religion is based on emotion purely and not logic and reason then get the fuck off of my page. These idiotic pointless questions get on my nerves.


9th June 2014

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Anonymous said: Obviously, a theist becoming atheist (as in your case, I believe, though correct me if I'm wrong) is more common than an atheist becoming theistic. But there is the rare occasion when the latter DOES happen. Why do you think this is? How is it possible for someone who never believed in a god to suddenly believe in one? Especially when there isn't an ounce of evidence to convince them. The only thing I can think of is mental illness or an extremely tragic and traumatic life event. Anything else?

Personally I did go from believer to non-believer but I made the transition when I was very young so it was easier for me than for a lot of people. Personally I’ve only heard of a handful of times that someone goes from being a non-believer over to being a believer but the most common reason is also the toughest to prove, personal experience. I’ve heard of many people that suddenly had some “amazing” event happen in their life or something that they deemed could only be due to a “miracle” of some sorts so they end up converting to becoming a believer. These type of events are very difficult to attempt to explain away because they left such a profound impression on the person that experienced them. They’re also next to impossible to prove to anyone outside of the person that experienced it.

I’ve heard of a few other reasons but by far less commonly. There have been a small number of people that have honestly said they’ve been convinced by evidence to become a believer. Lee Strobel is one of note that people often point out as a “former Atheist” that came to be a believer due to the “proof” of Christianity. I’m personally inclined to think that Lee is a con man, doing it for the money, but I have no solid proof that I can point to on this. My reasoning is just a mixture of how he speaks about it and the mannerisms he has. It shouldn’t be surprising if he is because I’m sure a great number of religious “leaders” are flat out con men that don’t believe a word of what they’re saying. He’s certainly making a great deal more money now than he ever did as an Atheist journalist and with a lot less effort.

The only other reason coming to mind at the moment is the couple of people I’ve heard of converting simply due to the community within religious groups. This one often confuses me because it never seems quite clear if the person truly accepts the teachings and dogma of the religion or if they are simply doing it for social reasons. I’ve read stories of a few Atheists that state they became “convinced” due to the “love” and community of religious groups, perhaps they don’t think that true community and love is possible without some kind of divine hand in the mix. This one I also find to be the saddest reason because this is the type of thing that the Atheist community in general has wanted to address for a long time, we just have a hard way of doing it. Herding Atheists is like herding cats and any attempt to draw us together is often met with derision.


5th June 2014

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Anonymous said: What do you think is more plausible: Reincarnation, or the concept of heaven/hell? I personally believe both ideas are rather ridiculous, but I'm just curious which of the two you think is LESS ridiculous than the other. Reincarnation, at least, could be backed up with science to a small extent; that the energy from our dead bodies extends to things around us. But still the concept of a transferring "soul" is ludicrous either way. Additionally, which idea do you think is more detrimental?

The idea of an actual heaven/hell are completely ridiculous to me. There is absolutely no good basis to believe in anything like that. Even the best that the religious can point to for proof is “near death” experience, which anyone with any sense realizes isn’t a good indicator of what actually happens after death. Heaven and hell are such outlandish ideas that they basically disqualify themselves from being possible based on that alone.

I certainly think the idea of reincarnation is less ridiculous because of the fact that matter is continually cycled. We know that the material in our body is the same materials that has been recycled and reused essentially since the beginning of time. The water inside your body was part of many many other bodies. The problem then becomes how much else you want to tie in to this cycle. People want to claim that we retain part of who we are, there is an “energy” or some other vague force that continues on and retains memory in ways that have never been observed. Many people will want to claim that an essential part of what makes you, you, will continue on, but that is the part I take issue with.

Even if the matter that composes my body is recycled my mind as a whole certainly is not. My mind is really the most unique part of who I am and it is also what essentially makes me, me. There is no reason for this matter to retain my “last life” more than there is for it to remember being part of a burned out star billions of years ago. In many ways even if it could retain some type of memory I likely wouldn’t want it to. Along with the good would come the bad and who wants to have the memories of thousands of deaths swarming around inside of them? There is something new and refreshing about the birth of a child and there is something sinister in saddling them with baggage from “past lives”.

Overall though I think it is easy to say that heaven/hell have been a much more harmful idea than reincarnation. Heaven and hell are held over children as the ultimate form of reward and punishment. Do as we want, do as we say, and you get the reward, dare to question what we say and you end up with the punishment. Reincarnation isn’t binary, it is a much more fluid system where the general merits and short comings in your life will decide how you progress on in the next life. It is still essentially a system designed to encourage people to “be good” but it seems slightly more open and relaxed than all or nothing. That of course is to not even get in to all the real world fall out that heaven and hell have caused. I honestly think those ideas are some of the absolute worst in all of human history and have stated so on other occasions.


3rd June 2014

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Anonymous said: if youre really So passionate about humanity wouldnt that mean you put your ideas out there in a peaceful humane way? No you bash everyone for not agreeing with you That my friend is hypocracy

If you take issue with something I say, bring it to my attention and it is open to discussion. If you have an idea you’d like to share with me you’re certainly welcome. If you want to come along and try to police the tone of what I say go ahead and fuck right off. I can’t stand it when people think that discussing the way I say something is a worthwhile venture. If you actually read the things I put out most of them are rather relaxed and I’m certainly not the type to “bash everyone for not agreeing” with me. Quit wasting my time with this pointless bullshit. If you have something worthwhile to say, say it, but don’t come around and attempt to change my tone.


2nd June 2014

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Anonymous said: dont you feel ashamed that if there is a Heaven , your children will never be able to enjoy it because you decided to blind them from the age they were born with YOUR ideas?

Don’t you feel ashamed that if Valhalla is real your children will never get to meet Odin? Well if you’re not an idiot (which I certainly have to question) then your answer would be no. The same as my answer to your condescending and idiotic example. Joking aside, what you honestly should feel very ashamed of is if you teach a child about Hell. Hell is the absolute worst idea ever entered in to humanity and more anguish has been caused by that one ridiculous idea than just about any other in history. You only worry about the religion you’re born in to and there is no honest reason for you to believe in that anymore than there is to believe in Valhalla and Odin. My child gets to grow up free of any of that burden, lunacy, and superstitions. He doesn’t worry about any of it. Which environment really sounds better for a child to grow up in?


2nd June 2014

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Anonymous said: so, after you die where do you go? where your soul go?

You’re getting ahead of yourself, wouldn’t you first need to establish the existence of a “soul” to begin with? Where were you before you were born? I imagine that death will be much like the time before I was born. Our bodies return to the ground and help continue on the cycle of life and death that is all around us but our consciousness likely ends when the activity in our brains end. We don’t have bodies, we are bodies, without those bodies we cease to be us.


2nd June 2014

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Anonymous said: you are fucked up son of a bitch!

In more ways than you can probably comprehend, but what is your point?


2nd June 2014

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Anonymous said: I think I might love you. Would you mind sharing with us just your first name? (if you have in the past, sorry, I must have missed it)

Thank you for the message, I’ve never actually been asked that on here. My first name is technically Randall but I prefer to go by Randy. I’ll start going by Randall when I turn 40 and officially become an old man. :)